Treating aggression, anxiety, barking and everything in between.

For Pet Owners :

We offer 1hr in clinic behaviour consultations, with our behaviour vet

The behaviour consultation includes:

  • Pre-consultation behaviour questionnaire, which is read by Dr Rimini before the consultation and helps to clarify the problem, secondary problems and your goals and expectations.
  • Veterinary clinical examination if required.
  • Behavioural diagnosis.
  • A verbal explanation of the diagnosis and how to confirm it (this may require video recording or other further steps).
  • Discussion of the treatment plan which may include changes to the home and yard and routines that you follow daily with your pet, behaviour modification, pheromones (Adaptil or Feliway) and/or prescription medications.
  • A written report (usually provided within 14 days of the consultation) of the above discussion for you to refer to.
  • All cases requiring medication will receive follow up support by phone during the first two months of treatment, most of these cases require many months of treatment to prevent relapses. Many of the medications should not be stopped suddenly, and, if and when we do stop them, the dose needs to be gradually reduced.

What else might be needed:

  • Most cases require follow up visits to review progress, and adjust behaviour modification and medication. The first follow up visit is often required 6-8 weeks later.

  • Medication costs and the costs of blood testing to ensure that your pet does not have any underlying conditions that negatively affect how the body responds to long-term medication are in addition to the behaviour consultation.