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Neza Jaksa - 5 stars - 18 February 2024

Jen Kater - 5 stars - 14 February 2024

Troy Jensz - 5 stars - 8 February 2024

Rebecca Belcher - 5 stars - 14 January 2024 

Thank you for taking such good care of our Minxy. Everyone was very caring and helpful, and called us with updates while she was staying there overnight, and checked on her after she came home.

Lynette Ryan - 5 stars - 17 December 2023

I had to put my elderly cat down yesterday, and all the staff there were very understanding and respectful, they conveyed everything that was possibly going to happen. Could not have had a better vet for a sad start to the weekend.

Gaynor McMahon - 5 stars - 16 December 2023

My first visit and I’m impressed. Such friendly staff, knowledgeable, took the time to explain everything they were doing to make my pooches better as they were suffering with ear infections.

Lynda Worrell - 5 stars - 13 November 2023

Summer Scott - 5 stars - 9 November 2023

Thank you to Currimundi Vet clinic team ❤️ Hands down the best bet I have ever been to. Everything was thoroughly explained with ease and kindness. Thank you, Hannah, for working one on one with me. You are truly talented. I appreciate everything your team has done for my little Luna ✨Look forward to seeing your lovely faces again. Kind regards, Summer.

Janet Low 5 stars - 19 October 2023

The very best personal professional care in regards to my family's pet Bella.

Alana Selby 5 stars - 16 October 2023

Every staff member at Currimundi vets is amazing. They are all so caring, kind and patient. I hate leaving my dogs at a vet (guilty parents feeling) but if I have to, this is the place I’d feel most comfortable leaving them. My big girl has had a few issues recently, and I feel confident they are the best people to treat my fur-babies. My big girl gets really nervous, and they’re so patient with her. Dr Hannah and Dr Retief are both so personable, and they remember little details, same with all the lovely vet nurses. A brilliant team. Thank you for everything.

Martin Rose 5 stars - 6 October 2023

Friendly and very knowledgeable. Thanks for taking such great care of my cat!

Ben White 4 stars - 8 September 2023

The team was very helpful and accommodating. My Labrador was in pain and was able to be seen within 3 hours having never been there before. She left a lot more comfortable and able to enjoy her time at the Sunshine Coast after her visit. Reasonably priced as well.

Amy 5 stars - 2 September 2023

Such a lovely & welcoming vet. All the staff are so caring & helpful. They also regularly checked in on my dog via phone whilst I was waiting for test results to come back that day, and I’ve never had a vet do that before! They genuinely care and want to help as much as possible. Highly recommend.

Maryann Moss 4 stars - 2 September 2023

Adam Deschamps 5 stars - 3 August 2023

Needed some infant animal milk substitute on an urgent basis… these guys came through with the goods and were an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Sherral Finney 5 stars - 21 July 2023
The staff are all one in a million they care and fuss over Ollie when I take him in.

Christine Davies 5 stars - 26 June 2023
Excellent service, lovely staff

Mark Arrowsmith 4 stars - 11 April 2023
Lovely vet, friendly welcome

Charissa Pascoe 5 stars - 30 March 2023
Excellent service provided, very helpful and caring. Amazing customer service.

Anthony Bermingham 5 stars - 17 March 2023

Coralie Williamson 5 stars - 15 Feb 2023
So impressed with the personal service in this small veterinary clinic over the years. Recently, our elderly dog needed major surgery. The staff were caring, supportive and explained the complex problems in detail.  Their costs are reasonable and never felt that I was being overcharged for the care given. I'm not keen to find a new surgery when we move 3hrs from here. Thank you to all the staff at Currimundi Veterinary Surgery.

Belinda Ingram 5 stars - 14 Feb 2023
They were so caring and each person we interacted with showed such amazing attention to our little pup.
The little Welcome board is also such a lovely touch.

Sue Denham 5 stars - 7 Feb 2023
Unbelievable service. Very respectful of your concerns. Treated our dog with dignity.

James Blinco 5 stars - 21 Jan 2023

Amy Garden 4 stars - 21 Jan 2023
More expensive than my previous vet but no complaints besides the price.

Peter Harwood 5 stars - 21 Jan 2023

Barbara Mckibbin 5 stars - 21 Dec 2023
This is quite honestly the most caring and thorough veterinary practice. They have taken such good care of our fur babie. Cannot recommend them highly enough

Peter 5 stars - 21 Dec 2023
Wonderful vets, wonderful nurses! They just love animals!

Allthorpe Plumbing Maintenance 5 stars - 21 Dec 2023
My Freddie had 5 star quality with this vet as they fixed his split due claw nail.

Nicole Day 5 stars - 24 Oct 2022
My dog was happy and walked in freely which is always a good sign. Staff were friendly to me and my dog and I felt un rushed and heard. Highly recommend.

Annette Harrison 5 stars - 11 Oct 2022
Lovely staff and vet really thorough. Recommend

dibbits83 5 stars - 11 Oct 2022
Fantastic, kind and caring staff! We lost our cat recently and tried everything to find her. Thankfully a good Samaritan handed her in! The lovely staff called us up to advise that she was there. I went down to collect her, they had already fed her, I offered to pay for any costs, but they wouldn't accept it, they were just happy for her to be returned to us. Thank you so much, we're so grateful!

Tracey Thomas 5 stars - 20 Sept 2022
Warm, caring and supportive. After 2mths of my son's dog being treated for one condition at another vet and outlaying so much $$, we woke one morning and the dog was not moving, drinking or even responsive to us talking. Called Currimundi Vet's, and they got us in same day. Had to carry 40+kg dog on his bed to the car, they helped get dog our. Vet nurse did prelim check and vet came after. Both professionals and unfortunately advised what he was being treated for was wrong and suspected a brain tumour and dog was shutting down. Vet suggested only option was to release dog from pain, but before we did that he wanted to make sure and called ahead to 24 hr pet emergency at Sippy Downs. They confirmed brain tumour, and we made the heart-wrenching decision that day. Currimundi Vets are now our new vet. I would not go anywhere else. They are amazing and caring. They even sent a sympathy card to the family when Sippy Downs advised them of the outcome.

Thanks team.

Lindsay Becke 5 stars - 26 Aug 2022
I can't sing this vet clinic enough praises. All the staff are engaged and helpful, and I really got the feeling they genuinely cared about my cat. She has a rash on both her ears that has been ongoing for some time. She had been a patient at the Battery Hill vet but after 2 visits, a treatment that I thought was making it worse and a recommendation to sedate her to stuff around inside her ears, I was left wondering if the vet there was actually competent.

So I came to the Currimundi vet clinic for a second opinion. The vet (I'm sorry I forgot her name) listened to my concerns and came up with a plan that attacked the problem from a diet and allergy perspective. A week later and her ears are looking much better, and she's no longer scratching at them. A few days after our consult, a staff member called to check if the new cream was working appropriately and if she was tolerating her new diet. Follow up! Fantastic. AND they sent us a lovely card in the mail to welcome us to the clinic! Thanks guys! So glad I made the move over to you.

Paul Maguire 5 stars - 4 Aug 2022
Always friendly. Great local veterinary practice.

Geoff Kaplan 5 stars - 6 July 2022 
Very efficient. Excellent staff. Thank you Dr. Retief 😊

Nicole Midolo 5 stars - 20 June 2022
Beautiful staff, and they even put up a welcome sign for my cat 🥰

Andrianna Fritz 5 stars - 17 June 2022
Friendly professional and very helpful staff.

Michelle Haug 5 stars - 8 May 2022
Lovely staff very good with our fur baby, and he loves the treats he gets.

DRIFT KING WAYZ 5 stars - 17 April 2022

Paul Rolfe 5 stars - 20 Mar 2022

Casey and Kerryn Butt 5 stars - 28 Feb 2022
Highly recommend these guys ... vets are kind and knowledgeable and the nurses are amazing! Having worked in the industry for 20 years myself, I am happy to say this practice ticks all the boxes! :)

Barry Draper 5 stars - 27 Feb 2002
Excellent work and staff members thanks all.

Ralph 5 stars - 10 Feb 2022
I was so pleased I took Misty to see Dr Retief, he was extremely thorough and caring. His team were also very kind and welcoming. It was my first visit and could not be happier that I’ve found a forever vet to look after my girl.

Moira Nolan 5 stars - 1 Feb 2022
Needed to take our puppy to the vet urgently. Called and received friendly service over the phone and an immediate appointment. The vet nurses on arrival were lovely and welcoming. Dr Botha was extremely caring and professional and kept us well-informed during the whole process. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Comet.

Alan J 5 stars - 7 Oct 2021

Debrah Stack 5 stars - 28 Sept 2021
We found the staff to be thoughtful, considerate and caring with our nervous Border Collies. One of our dogs normally bites vets, so I had him muzzled however, I found him to be relatively relaxed, such a relief. We will definitely be going back to Currimundi Vets, thank you for making us feel welcomed 😊 🐕

Nicole Henry-Kreisman 4 stars - 14 Sept 2021
Great service for our precious fur baby.

Gary Vaubell 5 stars - 14 Sept 2021
We found the service and the kindness shown with regards to our dog was fantastic.

Chris Thomson 5 stars - 28 Aug 2021
The staff here are Lovely took good care of my 2 cats and helped with ongoing care advice. Would highly recommend them.

Peter Waugh 4 stars - 7 Aug 2021

Tiffiny Anderson 5 start - 14 July 2021
Absolutely lovely vet clinic. All staff and team members go above and beyond with their care and compassion for pets.

Chloe Mower 5 stars - 7 July 2021
Great service, very genuinely care about the welfare of your animal with experienced, professional and friendly staff. Our mastiff was bitten on the first day of our holidays, and they squeezed us in and even followed up with a welfare call 2 days later; thanks so much. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend based on our experience.

Michaela Hanson 5 stars - 28 June 2021
Great local vet and friendly staff.

Amanda Hendren 5 stars - 21st May 2021 
Amazing staff and service. Thanks guys!

Skye Anderton 5 stars - 20 Apr 2021 
We had a wonderful experience at Currimundi Vets. We had to visit them for our dog while we were on holidays, they were absolutely lovely but also very thorough and thoughtful with their care. I would highly recommend them.

Deb Lynch 5 stars - 26 Jan 2021 
Staff are very friendly and caring. They are right on top of my pets' care.

Sonia Haegens 5 stars - 2020
These guys take great care of my pet, send me reminders for vaccinations and are very caring to the animals

Maria Mckay 5 stars - 2020
I wouldn't trust any other place to take my boy jack always amazing and caring staff.

Oedipus Rex 5 stars - 2020
Friendly, very caring and knowledge vets and staff at affordable prices compared to many of the others in the area. Well worth considering if new to the area or in need of a new vet.

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Testimonials from Facebook Reviews

Cherry Huggett - 5 June 2022
Currimundi Vets have been helping my two fur babies Penny and Zulu since 2014. My dogs are still alive and well despite numerous surgical procedures. They are always warmly welcomed and cared for at Currimundi Vets.

Nicole Rodriguez - 31 January 2022 
Best vet around so amazing, friendly, helpful and caring. Been going to them for the last few years with our kitten and our senior dog who they have been so amazing with including the surgery she recently had. Great team who truly care for your pets.

Judy Fuller - 6 September 2021
New to the area It was so important for us to find a Veterinary Clinic for our precious senior fur babies. After some research & excellent reviews I rang for an appointment for Shadow because her annual vaccinations were due. She is an extremely nervous dog & suffers chronic pain in her back legs as well as other medical conditions. In the short time we have been here we had to make an appointment to see the vet again, her age & her medical conditions are not on her side & we know our time with her is numbered which makes me visibly sad when I have had to take her. The care, attention & understanding the staff & Vet have shown Shadow has meant so much to us. From the “Welcome Shadow” sign on the counter on her first visit to the beautiful handwritten card we received in the mail & every visit since their dedication & treatment to her health needs have been outstanding. Their mission statement reads…. “At Currimundi Vets, our commitment is to treat you, your animal companion, and the special bond between you with compassion, empathy and respect. We promise to love, care for and manage your special friend, through every stage of their life, and have a comprehensive range of services to assist with this.”
I can confirm every word to be true & highly recommend them & thank them. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ranee Hill - 6 August 2021
We are so happy to have found this practice for our fur babies Neo and Pepper. From the caring and knowledgeable nursing staff to the diligent and informative Vets, we are so grateful for everything you do. Our dogs are our lives, and thank you for taking such great care of them. Special mention to Dr Hannah who spent time with us explaining everything after their dental procedure. Her advice was invaluable. Thank you, Sue, for communicating everything throughout the day of the procedure. The team here genuinely care about your pets well-being! Cannot thank them enough!

Keighley Coates - 2 March 2021
I cannot recommend Currimundi Vets enough. They are amazing! The staff are all so caring and the girls on reception always give my dogs cuddles, love and affection when we visit. We are regulars as one of my fur kids is a super sensitive pup, but they are always so helpful and make every visit as stress-free as possible. Highly recommended. Xx

Jen Crook - 2 February 2021 
We took our 11-week-old red heeler Bluey to the clinic for first time to get his 2nd vaccine. We were welcomed with a blackboard stating "welcome bluey", the staff were so friendly and animal lovers welcoming us for the first time. Everything was explained for what we needed to fill out for paperwork and procedure. The vet Retief took a little wee from our scared pup in his stride on the table and looked over our bluey for his first examination. Gave him his injection while the lovely vet assistant held him and provided great information for what we need for our pup to be healthy and happy. Kudos to the whole team!! And thanks for the treat!! I forgot to bring one!!! See u in 2 weeks!

LM Ogilvie - 22 December 2020
Great veterinary clinic, definitely recommend! The staff offer a lot of insightful information about your fur babies which is helpful! My little man was definitely in good hands! Thanks ladies 🙏 Lace & King Archie 👑🐆❤️

Vicky Arnold - 17 September 2020
I cannot recommend this vets practice enough. Such caring, genuine staff who were so professional and helped us through a very sad time putting our dog of almost 14 years to sleep. From the moment we walked in we were taken to a private room and everything was explained to us, we were given time and not rushed, even time to sit with our dog afterwards. Such beautiful staff and we thank you for being so caring during this very sad time. The condolence card you sent was such a kind and very personal touch. Thank you Currimundi Vets. 💙

Debbie Watson - 16 May 2019
Dr Retief and the entire team at Currimundi Vet Clinic are amazing. They look after my fur babies so well. I am not sure who enjoys the cuddles more, my puppies or the team at Currimundi Vets.

Jenny Horne - 13 January 2019
Dr Retief and Sue have looked after my last Jack Russell Skip and now my new one Pippy. They show so much compassion and give their best advice and I totally have trust in them and recommend them as one of the best team on the Sunny Coast 🐶

Megan McInnes - 7 November 2018
I completed 3 months work experience there recently and the team I worked with are amazing people! They genuinely care about every animal that comes to the clinic, even behind the scenes! They taught me so so much the short time I was there and was so sad to go! They are now my puppies vet and couldn't be happier! Hopefully one day I may be able to work there 😉 Thank you all with all my heart for everything and teaching me what I know about the job now! You all are absolutely amazing people!

Rhozie Edmonds - 6 November 2018
What an amazing team that looked after all of my 10 babies today Thank you for being so kind and explaining everything to us so well. We have definitely found our Sunshine Coast vets.

Tracey Zahnleiter - 18 September 2018 
Everyone that works here is very friendly and welcoming, they are kind of like one big happy veterinary family 😁. My girl Yindi has a number of random things she is being treated for and in our time there we have seen both Dr Leah and Dr Retief who both did an excellent job. I love how they really listen to what you are saying and where possible give multiple options for treatment, so I can decide what will fit best. Yindi loves going there and especially loved her extra treats that she got this morning for their birthday celebrations. And I enjoyed my chocolate cake 😁. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! 👍👍👍😃

Sarah King - 28 May 2018
Just home from Currimundi Vets was my first time and are so happy I have found a Vet Clinic that actually care's about our dog as much as we do.
 What a great team you have. �